oca-loca petit style

Collaborations of Oca-Loca 2015

Oca-Loca isn't only an option for the little ones, many clothes brands also choose us for collaborate with them, in order to get a perfect look for the kids.
oca-loca hola especial niños

Oca-Loca ¡HOLA! Niños Otoño-Invierno 2015

HOLA Especial Niños, maxi looks for your littles ones by Oca-Loca. TREND ALERT! Discover the perfect tips to get fantastic looks for the small ones, always with Oca-Loca
oca-loca hola

Oca-Loca ¡Hola! Agosto 2014

One year more, the spanish Royal Family chooses Oca-Loca for the small ones of the family. This time, Sofía de Borbón wears her sandals Miss Pepa by Oca-Loca to enjoy her summer in Mallorca.
oca-loca semana

Oca-Loca SEMANA Agosto 2014

The smallest one of the Royal Family, Sofía de Borbón, ejoyed Palma de Mallorca with her sandals Miss Pepa. She opted for light tones sandals, perfect for all her summer looks.
oca-loca asepri

Oca-Loca ASEPRI Book 2014

ASEPRI presents her new BOOK 2014 with images of the most consolidated Spanish fashion brands. As every year Oca-Loca is very grateful to collaborate in this lovely photo book, as we are one of the best brands of children’s footwear.