Oca-Loca Kids Shoes is a family business with a great young spirit, born in the eighties in the city of Valencia.

From its beginnings to the present days, it has always opted for originality and creativity, present in each of their models.

As time went by and with the customer confidence placed on us, we have become a benchmark in children’s shoes.

Oca-Loca promotes quality footwear and fashion, without forgetting comfort.



Our designs and elaborations are aimed for the children of the house. Therefore, we can’t find better source of inspiration than themselves.

In the Oca-Loca Universe the children are the stars…“Our stars”, which we try to take care of and protect to make them shine even more.

The design and quality offered in each of our models, makes Oca-Loca the best alternative to accompany the small ones from their first steps to adolescence.

OUR MAGICbarita-magica

All our achievements are due to the hard work done by the team that conforms Oca-Loca. Professionals dedicated to designing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of our product in important countries as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Central America, UAE…

Thanks to different distribution agreements and the important work of our agents, we are continuously expanding the brand, introducing our products in emerging markets and offering an original and creative footwear for children.



Oca-Loca is focused on taking care of children, especially of their feet.

Therefore, we select the best materials (leather, insoles, linings, soles …) to make every step a unique moment.

Healthy feet, happy children!


We analyze the “insights” of our customers in order to be able to satisfy their needs in a more efficient way, but always respecting the values that represent us: creativity, originality, vanguardism, style, innovation, comfort…

“Making fashion is the ability to create sensations and emotions associated with a product, an image, a brand” …With our designs, we are able to provoke them.

From Oca-Loca Kids Shoes we design for you.


Oca-Loca it’s our most consolidated brand.

The main objective is to provide an innovative collection, with a high design and quality.

Oca-Loca has become a benchmark in the world of children’s footwear.

It covers different styles and different lines, one of the most desirable being “Special Day”, where the customers can find the models for events and ceremonies.

Miss Pepa is the urban line of Oca-Loca, aimed to the young girls of the family.

It’s birth came about due to the need to offer more choices to our customers.

Miss Pepa products are very competitive in the market thanks to its excellent value for money, without neglecting any detail.

While Miss Pepa is aimed for girls, Pepo is another line of Oca-Loca but destined to the little men of the house.

A different product, daring, with character and a great design.

It combines different textures, shapes and colours, always following the fashion trends.